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Nuclear Attack Survival

The catastrophic capacity of nuclear attack is frightfully well documented.  While the danger of a massive strategic nuclear attack has receded with the end of the Cold War, the nuclear threat remains with us. With some terrorists having ties to nations that have nuclear weapons programs, a conventional nuclear weapons attack remains a distinct danger.  However, experts believe that terrorist use of a radiological dispersion device (RDD) often called "dirty nuke" or "dirty bomb" poses a far greater danger than use of a conventional nuclear device. These radiological weapons are a combination of conventional explosives and radioactive material designed to scatter dangerous and sub-lethal amounts of radioactive material over a general area.

Such radiological weapons appeal to terrorists because they require very little technical knowledge to build and deploy compared to that of a nuclear device. Also, these radioactive materials, used widely in medicine, agriculture, industry and research, are much more readily available and easy to obtain compared to weapons grade uranium or plutonium. The resources below provide basic information about nuclear explosions and review preparedness plans that can improve your odds of surviving a nuclear attack.

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