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Islamic Doomsday Prophecy

As in Christian prophecy, Islamic end time prophecy talks of a Day of Judgment, one called Qiyamah. The Judgment Day - Qiyamah - parallel is just one of several similarities between Christian and Islamic doomsday prophecy. Besides Qiyamah, Islamic prophecy about the end time talks of cataclysmic events, a Great War (Al-Malhamah Al-Kubrah), the emergence of a savior (Imam Mahdi), the return of Jesus (the Prophet Isa), and the presence of a false prophet (the Dajjal) in the period leading to Qiyamah. Despite these similar concepts, the Islamic view of doomsday has its own distinct set of signs, events and outcomes that differ markedly from the Christian view of the end times. The resources below focus on basic tenets of the Islamic faith and discuss various elements of Islamic prophecy about doomsday.

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