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Area 51 and Doomsday!

Is our government cooperating with an alien invasion?

Is there a doomsday threat connection with Area 51, that secret military installation in the Nevada desert? We don't know, but we can say that many fear the doomsday implications of an extraterrestrial invasion. Beginning about the time we split the atom, sightings of extraterrestrials became a regular event, generally reported by the media with more or less benign humor and patience. But may observers see a doomsday threat, theorizing that what we may be witnessing are basically reconnaissance missions that will ultimately be followed by an extraterrestrial invasion that will be anything but humorous. We've included these Area 51 resources in our doomsday guide simply because no discussion of extraterrestrials or extraterrestrial invasion would be complete without some mention of this popular site that is the center of so much speculation and so many conspiracy theories.

Area 51 Site Links:

Area 51 Alien Interview (video)
A Visit to Area 51 (video)
An Area 51 Insider Speaks
Overhead at Groom Lake - use of commercial satellite images to analyze activities at this area.
Area 51 Military Base Directory - from a site dedicated to Area 51.
Welcome to AREA51.NET - an extensive Area 51 site.
Area 51 - Dreamland Resort - photos, maps, visitor information and more.
Rachel Nevada Home Page - located near Area 51, the city's official website.
Area 51 Aircraft - photos, descriptions of aircraft believed to have been tested at Area 51.
Groom Lake Desert Rat Catalog - wide range of Area 51 merchandise and UFO books.
Aliens and UFOs - UFO photos, videos, Area 51, Roswell and more!

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