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Killer Tsunami Animation!

Below is an animation of the Killer Tsunami created by the December 26, 2004 Sumatra Earthquake depicting the initial earthquake and the movement of the tidal waves which moved outward from the epicenter.  It may take a few seconds to load.


The death toll continues to climb, over 80,000 as of December 29, 2004, from a great earthquake which occurred at 00:58:50 (UTC) on Sunday, December 26, 2004. The magnitude 8.9 event has been located OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA.

The resulting Tsunami Waves extending out from the epicenter of the earthquake generated tidal waves 10 meters in height (over 30 feet) which have smashed into the coasts of India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and thousands of islands in the area.

Below are some reference links for Earthquakes and Tsunamis.


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Earthquake Survival

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