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Near Earth Objects (NEOs)

 Doomsday Potential of Asteroid and Comets

Perhaps this is the source of those objects falling from the sky.

The Chicken Little Syndrome has returned with devastating possibilities.  There are various forms of Near Earth Objects (NEOs) "out there" circulating through our solar system, but it's asteroids and comets that merit our attention.  Asteroids and comets are the largest Near Earth Objects "out there" and a collision with a sufficiently large asteroid or comet could spell doomsday for us "down here".  In fact, most scientists believe that collisions with asteroids have brought about mass extinctions on Earth before, so we already have evidence of the doomsday potential of Near Earth Objects.  Near Earth Objects like asteroids and comets aren't the only things "out there" with doomsday potential.  Black Holes and Gamma Ray Bursts are cosmic phenomenon that also pose doomsday threats according to some theories.  And there are many who believe that the real doomsday threat from "out there" comes not from Near Earth Objects or cosmic phenomenon, but from Extraterrestrial Forces.  Other sections of Doomsday Guide devote space to these topics, but in this section we focus strictly on resources about Near Earth Objects, asteroids and comets and the doomsday threats they pose.  For current events in space, NEOs and otherwise, we also have a special Space News page.


Near Earth Object Links


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NEOs - The Sky is Falling


NEOs: Friends or Foes

Torino Impact Hazard Scale

Why Study Near Earth Objects

Tsunami from Asteroid and Comet Impacts

Cosmic Collisions

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Small Comets

Meteors, Meteoroids or Meteorites?\

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Meteorites, Impacts, and Mass Extinction

Is the Sky Falling?

Aliens Can Help You Survive Planet X Doomsday Chaos

PlanetBrey Meteorites

Neo Information Center

Astronomy Picture of the Day


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